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If you really want Bitcoin Cash to Work. Start Using it!

For this to moon, we need everyone that is holding to actually use it..
I've paid numerous bills using Satoshi's Living Room by paying to a Australian Bank Account or BPAY. Here is my compiled use cases for Bitcoin Cash. If you have any more, please let me know and I will add to this list. Also Check (thanks kenman345)
Payments: - Pay any Australian Bill - Coin Mixer for Secure Payments - Coin Mixer PrivCoin - TipBot by rawb0t
Coin Shifting:
Merchants: - Steam and Games Key Website - Gift Card Website - Online Marketing - Steam and Games Key Website - 3D Printer Buy In - BitTorrent Cloud - Mining Equipment
Wallets: *Desktop/Mobile - Incoming Support for BCH this week.
*Hardware Wallets
Information: - Coin Market Caps Tool - Coin Dance Bitcoin Cash Details - Bitcoin Cash Fork Details - Bitcoin Blocks Explorer - Bitpay Block Insights
Exchanges: - Australian Exchange - Japanese Exchange
Betting: Have a sneaky bet, true to Satoshi's Vision
Hosting: - For 15% off use coupon code "BITCOIN-CASH!"
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The company behind one of the largest mining pools and a popular Bitcoin wallet in China,, has partnered with the bitcoin exchange Kraken to allow users to buy bitcoin directly from within the wallet.
In December 2016, Kraken acquired Chicago-based Glidera, a Bitcoin wallet funding service, which was then rebranded as Kraken Direct.
Kraken Direct lists 11 supported Bitcoin wallets on its website.
In addition to, Bitcoin wallets that use the service to sell bitcoin from within their apps are: Airbitz, Multibit, Mycelium, Bitpay, Breadwallet, Bitcoin Direct, Cryptojar, Simple Bitcoin Wallet, Strongcoin and Tokenly Pockets. reported on Breadwallet allowing iPhone users to buy bitcoin via the same Kraken Direct service in March.
With the integration with Kraken Direct, there is a "Buy" option inside the wallet app which allows users to buy bitcoin directly without having to leave the wallet.
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Can I get some help?

I need some detective work done... i mine on Eligius ( and I am supposed to get the bitcoins to this address. that address is a strongcoin wallet. i finally figured out my strongcoin password and there are 0 BTC in that account, WTF. what do to get my .50 BTC
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Bitcoin is back at near $11,000. The leading digital currency has been making its way upwards since the mid of last week. Today, to mark the starting of a new week, Bitcoin went as high as $10,985, re-entering the $10,800 to $11,000 area of intense historical trading. With the move, BTC has broken through its 30-day moving average — indicative of a strong uptrend and “that large funds are ... Erst 2017 kam die StrongCoin Wallet Währung Bitcoin Cash hinzu. Der Bitcoin Fork wurde aufgenommen, die Vielzahl an anderen StrongCoin Wallet Coins hingegen nicht. Gerade die fehlenden StrongCoin Coins sind für viele Nutzer ein klarer Negativpunkt. Dabei sollte aber auch beachtet werden, dass die Firma gerade eben durch ihre Geschichte natürlich den Fokus auf Bitcoin setzt. Schließlich ... One transaction, totalling only 0.01 bitcoin, had an extra 80 bitcoin attached as a transaction fee. Ouch. GIVE US A TRY! 134,661 people trust their Bitcoins with StrongCoin. “Bitcoin is now strongly correlated to the dollar. This is not a fluke. Macro traders jumped on the bitcoin as macro asset bandwagon in 2020, and by doing so, turned it into one. The market changed. Being strongly bullish both bitcoin and the dollar makes little sense,” said Kruger adding, “Cash is trash will likely be the trade of 2021.” Bitcoin Mining or Free Bitcoin Mining is the most important part of the bitcoin protocol. Without bitcoin mining, it is not possible to circulate new bitcoin in the market. In the beginning, you required a simple computer, but lots of things are changed in less than 10 years. The first bitcoin is mined with standard Multi-core CPUs to generate BTC at a rate of 50 per clock. The difficulty of ...

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Bitcoin Adder New 2017 +++ DOWNLOAD

What happens when you mine Bitcoins with old computers? Well nothing much. In this video I will demonstrate just how wasteful mining Bitcoins on old hardware... Bitcoin Blockchain Coinbase StrongCoin Anycoin Identifier Password Free Download Category People & Blogs License Standard YouTube License. Category People & Blogs; Show more Show less ... Hey wolfpack kicking off 2018 full speed ahead, China said it's the year of the dog, personally I think its the year of crypto. Update on the VoskCoin mining... 600 satoshi every 40 minutes What are Bitcoin and how to get it free just follow instruction and you will get free bitcoin Go to Free...