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Libra goals is to target those with out a bank account

Libra goals is to target those with out a bank account
I feel most of you are severely misunderstanding the goal behind Libra. I am strongly against that Facebook is creating a currency, but it would not be the end of cryptocurrency. If anything this is the preparation to drive mass adoption. Libra most likely will be a stable coin and be used either in conjunction, but in replace of traditional currency. This may be the foundation to eviscerate the current financial banking system, but create a large competitive and growing market for cryptocurrency. Facebook is almost to big to fail, but they aren't to big to compete with. This is why they are entering the crypto currency ring, if you don't see the value and take action in either building on it, or use this moment to the advantage then you'll be left behind.

Below I displayed some of my thoughts behind the value it CAN bring. We won't know for sure until their whitepaper is out. Half the world thinks bitcoin is dead, and Facebook is taking their opportunity to be re branded as "New Bitcoin" . Facebook Libra most likely will be the adoption businesses and international traders will use as means for payment. Facebook doesn't want to create another cryptocurrency or enter the financial industry as all of these companies are making credit cards etc..

They want to be the financial median. They don't want to compete in crypto, they want to conjoin and be the thing you need to join crypto.

They don't just want to topple the banks, they want to be YOUR BANK. The thing more profitable than a tech company is a financial one. They could seriously redefine banking.
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Bitcoin philosophical musings and pressures 7 years in [drifted from: txrate, forking, etc] | grarpamp | Jul 07 2015

grarpamp on Jul 07 2015:
Then again maybe I am missing the key reasoning for this fork.
People often miss the fundamental reasons Bitcoin exists,
the various conjoined ethos behind its creation. This is to be
expected, it's so far ouside any thinking or life process they've
ever had to do or been exposed to. It's also partly why figuring
out what to do or code or adopt, is hard. And certainly not made
any easier by the long term need and the current value at stake.
Creating a system in which a Botswanan can give a few bits
of their impoverished wages to their friend in Mumbai without
it being gated, permitted, hierarchied, middlemanned, taxed,
tracked, stolen and feed-upon until pointless... this simply
doesn't compute for these people. Their school of thought is
centralization, profit, control and oppression. So of course they
see txrate ramming up against an artificial wall as perfectly fine,
it enables and perpetuates their legacy ways.
Regardless of whichever technical way the various walls are torn down,
what's important is that they are. And that those who are thinking
outside the box do, and continue to, take time to school these
legacy people such that they might someday become enlightened
and join the ethos.
Otherwise might as well work for ICBC, JPMC, HSBC, BNP, MUFG
and your favorite government. Probably not as much fun though.
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What is Bitcoin's Intrinsic value? Coinbase Exchange Tutorial - How To Buy Bitcoin On ... Why I Believe In Bitcoin. $100k Bitcoin price by 2025 - YouTube What Does have Bitgold In Conjoint With Bitcoin(1)

Bitcoin Technical Indicators Reading. The Upper Bollinger Band has bit stretched northward. Short candlesticks are near its path. The 50-day SMA trading indicator and the Middle Bollinger Band are conjoint pointing to the north from underneath. Those indicate that the buyers are somewhat in control of the market. The Stochastic Oscillators have ... This could even challenge Bitcoin’s value proposition as money. But there are potential solutions to increase privacy, and improve fungibility. A solution that has been around for a while is CoinJoin. Background. At its heart, the Bitcoin protocol consists of transactions. All these transactions are completely public on the blockchain, which means that anyone can see which addresses sent ... The price of Bitcoin in ATMs is usually 5-10% higher than the average market price. Before buying a large amount of cryptocurrency, it is recommended to check the exchange rate of the company where you are going to buy BTC at the ATM. BTC ATM. Another difficulty is that such terminals are not yet very widespread. Currently, about 75% of crypto-ATMs are located in the U.S. and only a few in ... The price of bitcoin touched new highs in 2020 and a number of supporters are optimistic that the crypto asset’s value will drive higher. In addition to this year’s bitcoin price high, around ... The funds will always be in a Bitcoin address that you control. It’s possible to do this in a decentralized way so that the service does not rely on external parties or centralized servers. It just needs the participants of the transaction. CoinJoin can be applied multiple times, and as many transactions are grouped together, participants may save on transaction fees. CoinJoin is the ...

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What is Bitcoin's Intrinsic value?

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